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What are they?

A virtual influencer, at times described as a virtual persona or virtual model, is a computer-generated fictional character that can be used for a variety of marketing-related purposes, but most frequently for social media marketing, in lieu of human "influencers".

Most virtual influencers are designed using computer graphics and motion capture technology to resemble
real people in realistic situations.

Virtual Influencer


Our Achivement

Aisha Channel

A famous Vtuber in Thailand. Aisha channel.First debut on 2018 and become the most popular Vtuber right now in Thailand.

Aisha become one of the top SEA VTuber with more than one million followers across platforms.

Our Rewards


Our Technology



Meet our technology!
XSENS is a full-body tracking sensor for motion capture being used in the Hollywood CGI production industry. We Create both CGI animation, Motion and real-time motion for 3D Virtual Characters.

XSENS is an innovative technology that tracks the full body of human subjects and records their movements in 3D. This technology can be used to create CGI animation, motion capture for real-time video games, and even to create highly-realistic 3D Virtual Characters. With XSENS, film and television productions can create more immersive experiences than ever before.


Our Expertise

Meet The Team

Efficient Resource Allocation: We prioritize the effective utilization
of resources to ensure smooth and efficient production processes.

High-quality output: With a talented team skilled in CGI, Animation
and Virtual Influencer service we create stunning visuals and various
of media to enhance the quality of our productions and meet the high standards of our clients.

Creative Storytelling: We understand the importance of capturing the audience's attention and strive to provide innovative and unique storytelling that appeals to the customer's needs and expectations.

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