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We Need you!


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Guardian Angel Ai is looking for 

  • a Digital Artist

  • Video Editor

  • Motion Graphic

  • Graphic Design

who can work online on our Discord server.

The job will last for over 3 months.
You will be working with :
Team members to create graphic designs, Video or Digital Artist depends on your applied position.



Project Coordinator

We're looking for a Project Coordinator to join our team in Thailand.

As a Project Coordinator, you'll be responsible for inspecting
the progression of the project and creating paper works for the project manager. You will also manage schedules for teams and create schedules for meetings between
the project manager and teams.
You'll manage all paperwork associated with these tasks, as well as any other management tasks you're assigned. You'll support team members who need help with any problems that may arise, as well as assisting the project manager in contacting suppliers or clients.


Project Manager

Guardian Angel Ai is looking for
Project Manager to help oversee
the company's projects.

The ideal candidate will be able to set up and manage projects in frame time, budget and cost breakdown.

They'll also control and make decisions for any adaption of the project, develop
strategies and risk predictation of the project, inspect all paper about the project, create a schedule to complete task and objective in time, contact with client and supplier, inspect and create KPI for the project for improvement.



Pipeline Technical Director

A key point is to create and design system and develop work system for animtion production.

Another point is to write script and create tools or plugins for supporting team. Moreover, co-working with team leader and supervisor for any various
team and find a best solution for team.

Finally, create papers about tools and plugins for team


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